The "New Shliach Desk"

at Merkos 302 was launched in Shvat 5781 and will iy'h be providing essential and important resources for the benefit of the beginning stages of one's Shlichus. 


Idea sharing, Hadrocho, Horaos from the Rebbe, coaching, fundraising and basic how to's are some of the resources being provided. 

Vaad at the New Shliach Desk  

Rabbi Bentzy Lipskier  

Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky

Rabbi Mendel Perlstein

Rabbi Mendy Shanowitz

Rabbi Mendel Chaiton

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Avrohom Roth, CPA 


Rabbi Mendy Teldon

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Rabbi Elazar Green


Tashmishei Kedusha


Shluchim Contract Review


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קרן שלום בער
ושרה  אסתר גמ"ח


Bring Down A New Shliach Grant

Fundraising Course for New(er) Shluchim

Rabbi Elazar Green

Lancaster, PA

By understanding the system of fundraising, when to ask, and how much to ask,  you can start building a solid foundation. Today.

This is not just theory. The fundamental and underlying principles of fundraising, as well as the practical methods you will learn have helped new Shluchim think, strategize, and save hundreds of thousands of dollars for their eventual building or other expansion.



Rabbi Mendy Teldon,
Commack, NY

Have you ever wondered how Shluchim manage their day to day spending? How do they make ends meet? Is it really possible to maintain a  budget while on shlichus? Hear first hand how a Shliach manages his personal and moisad finances, and shares what he learned through lots of experience and hard work in the field.



Avrohom Roth, CPA 

Are you wondering how you will learn the basics of accounting so you can begin to manage your Chabad center finances properly? This training session will introduce you to the world of accounting and organization legalities to properly prepare and set up your new moisad.