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With Yakir Havin

When it comes to the world of spreadsheets, shlichus is no different from business. Every shliach has data that they need to manage. Contact lists, donations and receipts, life cycle events, budgeting and expenses... the list goes on. 


This workshop will give you the ability to use spreadsheets for many different shlichus-related tasks, the confidence to teach yourself new things on the go, and the time to get back to what matters the most: your shlichus and your community.


By learning fundamental spreadsheet skills and functions, you will open yourself up to a world where you can actually use the information you have for the benefit of your Chabad House and community. Plus, you'll be able to save time on repetitive calculations and tasks, freeing you up for real shlichus work.


This four part workshop will help you unlock Excel and Google Sheets giving you the fundamental tools to start off properly, as well as an overview of the various features that will help you become more efficient and effective within your Chabad administrative needs. 

This course was taught in the summer of 5782 and includes 4 sessions of one and a half hours each.


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