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The benefits of integrating the proper Yesodos in your Shlichus are invaluable. Give yourself the gift of a solid foundation, a phenomenal support system, leadership skills and much more, by joining this seminar. You will gain wisdom and experience from veteran shluchim and skilled experts to launch or enhance your shlichus with a clear mindset and many practical tools.


The goal of this seminar is to impart the fundamentals of Shlichus that will IYH help you maximize your success and grow your Shlichus to greater heights. Explore and internalize vital Yesodos in various Ruchniyus, Nafshis and Gashmiyus elements of Shlichus, and learn how to navigate the responsibilities of Shlichus while maintaining the correct Hashkafah and approach.


6th Annual

4 Day Seminar:

Monday - Thursday

Dates 5784 TBA
Location: TBA

1.  The Essence of a Shliach and Shlichus

Learn the yesodos of shlichus that are integral to being a shliach, ensuring all your peulos are performed in sync with the Rebbe’s directives. 

2.  Creating a healthy support system

A newly researched course, culled from the Rebbe’s sichos and horaos, on creating a wholesome and all-encompassing support system to assist the busy and sometimes overwhelmed shliach in maintaining emotional, psychological and spiritual well being.

3.  Fundamentals of Halachah

Covered Topics

  • Maximizing your potential on shlichus

  • Distinguishing Jew from gentile

  • Safeguards for yichud

  • Running a community shul

  • Making a community assessment

  • Crafting a vision and mission statement

  • Prioritizing your daily activities

  • Developing good employer/employee relationships

  • Making personal connections and communication

  • Balancing your family and shlichus life

  • The Rebbe’s model of a “support-system”

  • Maintaining a simcha’dike approach

  • Fundamentals of finances and fundraising

  • Setting proper standards

  • And more…

Presenters Include:

Get a crash course in the areas of halachah that are imperative for every shliach to know when he moves out on shlichus.


Rabbi Efraim Mintz
Brooklyn, NY

4.  Leadership Development

Acquire the proper leadership skills to set up and run a successful moisad covering topics such as: strategic planning, management, fundraising, finance, marketing and PR.


Rabbi Raleigh Resnick
Tri Valley, CA


Rabbi Yossi Shusterman
Beverly Hills, CA

Zalman Marcus.png

Rabbi Zalman Marcus
Mission Viejo, CA


Rabbi Aryeh Weinstein
Newton, PA

Naftali Silberberg.jpeg

Rabbi Naftali Silberberg
Brooklyn, NY


Rabbi Levi Jacobson
West Thornhill, ON


Rabbi Yankie Denburg
Coral Springs, FL


Rabbi Yoseph Shagalov
S. Paul, MN


Rabbi Zushi Rivkin
Pasadena, CA

Program Outline


1.  The Essence of a Shliach and Shlichus

Covered Topics

Who should attend:

All Shluchim within two years of their Shlichus and yungerleit who are soon moving or thinking of moving on Shlichus


4 Day Seminar: Monday - Thursday: TBA
(8:00 AM - 6:00 PM)



Breakfast, lunch, and transportation will be provided.



Brooklyn, NY

Feedback from Shluchim:

“The seminar gave me focus and direction on what and how things need to be done in my shlichus.”

“My attitude to the day-to-day operations of shlichus, both in gashmiyus and ruchniyus, is the greatest thing I gained from the seminar.”

“The seminar helped me appreciate how my shlichus should operate in a manner of l’chatchila instead of b’dieved.”

“Often, when I feel lonely and unsure, just knowing that there is an infrastructure from the Rebbe of who, what and when to discuss matters with other people (even if I didn’t fully implement it yet), already helps me.”

“I became aware of so many facets to shlichus regarding which I had no clue the Rebbe spoke about and guided us.”

“The outlook of how fundraising is part of the shlichus was very powerful for me.”

“I can now directly attribute many of my successes and failures to what I did or didn’t implement from the seminar.”

“It lowered my resistance to speaking with others and seeking advice, it helped me realize that there is so much more I don’t know.”

“I now structure all my programs to maximize the amount of Torah and Mitzvos that could be incorporated.”

Yesodos Seminar
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