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Avrohom Roth, CPA 

Are you wondering how you will learn the basics of accounting so you can begin to manage your Chabad center finances properly? This training session introduces you to the world of accounting and organization legalities to properly prepare and set up your new moisad.


Learn how to begin setting up your Chabad House with the initial registration requirements, both federal and state, and the why’s and how’s of obtaining 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. We share an overview of bookkeeping, what it is, why it is important, and the various methods that can be used. We also analyze financial statements and teach you to understand and identify important information.


Payroll may seem overwhelming, but here you have the opportunity to discover all you need to know specifically for new Chabad centers. In addition to a basic understanding of payroll, you will learn when you will need to run payroll, how to do so, how much to take as a salary, about various payroll taxes and more. As a rabbi, you will be able to learn all about parsonage and how it works and benefits you. 


Donations are what keep Chabad houses functioning, and you will want to know how to manage them correctly! Learn when and how to properly create a donor receipt, what to do about non monetary donations, and more. Discuss and clarify the “grey areas” of Chabad house financials such as food, car, phone, tuition, cleaning help, as well as understand what to do regarding occasional situations that come up such as hiring independent contractors etc.


This course was taught in the summer of 5781 and includes 3 sessions of one and a half hours each.


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